Among the most interesting activities carried out by humans is the act of communication, cooperation, and collaboration with one another. Lately, AI models have demonstrated remarkable advancements in performing these activities and have emerged as a significant component in this information ecosystem.

The UChicago Communication & Intelligence (C&I) group is dedicated to understanding these mysterious new machines and their behaviors and to studying new types of interactions that can facilitate humans and AI models to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with each other.

Currently, we’re a team of three human PIs—Ari Holtzman, Mina Lee, and Chenhao Tan. We are passionate about topics such as

  • Understanding the landscape of human-human, human-machine, and machine-machine communication
  • Characterizing, theorizing, and building AI models that generate human-interpretable media such as texts and images
  • Empowering and enhancing human capabilities through new interactions and interfaces
  • Studying the effect, potential, and hazards of information ecosystems consisting of humans and AI models.